Getting logged in Username from Edge

is there any known way to get the logged in username from Microsoft Edge?

You mean the Windows logged in username or logged in somewhere else?

Works with Edge, Chrome and other browsers.

Note that you must use INPUT html tag inside FORM html tag in order for browser password manager to detect it for autofill, autocompletion.

HTML layout:
___INPUT type="TEXT" autocomplete="on" name="username"
___INPUT type="TEXT" autocomplete="on" name="current-password"

Use webcore controls:
___TWebEdit.Autocompletion := acUserName
___TWebEdit.Autocompletion := acCurrentPassword
___TWebButton.ButtonType := submit

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At the customers site, the Windows domain users are logged in to Edge with there domain account.
So the browser authenticates against other systems with this user. I just need the name, no athentication.

I have no experience with this myself but maybe this is a good starting point: