Getting handles on linked components

Hi there,

Using: c++ builder, TLiveDiagram.

Scope: I am inserting and linking TDiagramBlock's with TDiagramLine's during runtime -> forming a tree-structure.
I wish to implement an 'automated' procedure for deleting a node( block ) and all of it's descendants ( user deletes a node and all descending branches of that node is automatically deleted ).

Problem: Before deleting a TDiagramBlock, I want to get handle(s) on the components linked to that block, via the block itself. In other words, I want to get handles( pointers ) to the components linked to a block by only using the block's own available functions/properties.
I haven't been able to achieve this, is it possible? If yes, how?


I suggest you check sample project "getting links". It's in Delphi but it shows all the properties, methods and concepts to get the links to blocks and how to get blocks that are connected to a specific block.