Getting a 500 error on POST and PUT from Webcore

I'm not sure how to track this but when I Apply Updates after editing a record and posting a record in a TXDataWebDataset I get a 500 error.

The Aurelius entities and the Database seem to match and fetching them is fine. I have tried it with and without JWT and when using JWT it doesn't get as far as my Inserting event code.

I DID work a few weeks back. Can you suggest the best way of tracking thi sdown?


First thing is to check the browser developer tools and check the contents of network request which returned error 500. Usually there is an error message there.

Thanks. Yes It was an invalid JSON element. I'd removed the code that removed a look up field from the data submitted as I thought that had been fixed in the last but one release. I'll add it back and try again.

That was it. There was a lookup field and a calculated field that needed removing before applying updates on the TXDataWebDataset

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