i want to copy a Database from MSSQL to SQLite using TMS Aurelius.
With the following Code it is possible to Copy the the Table "Kanban" from MSSQL to the SQLite Database.


  if Kanbans.Count>0 then
  for I :=0  to Kanbans.Count-1 do
      ThreadStatusProc((EC/45)*100,(I/ Kanbans.Count)*100);

The Problem using this apporoach is, that i have to implement this piece of code for every Entity Registered. So when i have changes inside the Model, i have to do a lot of Source Code Update.

So i wondered if it's possible to use the piece of Code bellow somehow to get a List of my Classes and iterate through this List.

class function GetModelClasses(const ModelName: string): TEnumerable<TClass>;

Is this possible and do you have a short example code?

Kind regards,

It's possible. Just iterate through the list of the classes, and get the classes from Aurelius. It should be rather simple, actually, you just need to use the non-generic version of Find:

Entities := Manager.Find(TheCurrentClass).List;

That's right.
Is there a Way to get a List of the all Classes currently registered or registered for a certain model?

Something like


So that i would copy the database like

for i =0 to Classlist.count-1 do 
  Entities :=Manager.Find(Classlist[i]).List;
  //Copy the entities

You can use:

for EntityClass in Manager.Explorer.Hierarchy.Classes do

Thank You, it works

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