GetFolderList vs GetFolderListHierarchical

Several of your responses on this forum imply that there is a difference between GetFolderList and GetFolderListHierarchical, but you do not describe the difference. The documentation of GetFolderListHierarchical suggests that it adds the downloaded list of files and folders to the Drive list, eg DDrive for Dropbox. But in my hands the Folder property of a TTMSFNCCloudItem submitted to GetFolderListHierarchical remains nil even after the download is complete.

Are we expected to assign the result of GetFolderListHierarchical to the Folder property after a file list request? What is the difference between GetFolderList and GetFolderListHierarchical?



Hi David,
i'm using dropbox from fnc cloud pack.
With the very last version i've some trouble using it, so this is valid for version
I think (it'm my impression) that GetFolderList is used when you try to load the "root" directory.
When you choose a subdirectory (and as in the demo CurrentFolder is assigned) the proceure call GetFolderListHierarchical in order to load the sub directory you choose.

With last version ( something change and happend what you're reporting.
I wrote to Bart some days ago and this problem in under investigaion.
[FNC Cloud Pack: UCloudStorageService demo problem with version]

Due the fact i choose to wait using "upload resume" feature, i'm returned to where all works well.
Hope to understand your question ...


Thanks, Daniele.

I noticed this after upgrading to version 2.1, but I didn't want to take the time to revert to the previous version to confirm. I am investigating other things that seem to have changed, but I have yet to pin down the root cause.

I will eagerly await an update.



The difference is that GetFolderList clears the Drive list (DDrive for DropBox) first and then adds the files and folders of the requested folder only.
GetFolderListHierarchical does not clear the Drive list, but adds the files and folders to the requested subfolder. This means you can build the entire tree of subfolders in the Drive list by using multiple requests to GetFolderListHierarchical. The results will indeed not be assigned automatically to the TTMSFNCCloudItem provided as the Folder parameter. However they are returned in the AItems parameter of the OnGetFolderList event.