Get current HTML+Javascript of TWebGMap


is it possible to get/read the current HTML+Javascript of the actual TWebGMap displayed in the Webbrowser instance?
With TWebGMap.OnInitHTML(Sender: TObject; var HTML: string) I get only the initial HTML, that doesn't have any objects drawn on the map, like Markers, Polylines, etc.
This would be very useful for debugging purposes when I want to extend the functionality beyond the releases.



Please note that objects like Markers or Polylines are added to the map by using JavaScript calls to the Google JavaScript Maps API.
This means the initial rendered HTML does not change.
OK, understood.

Is it possible to trace or log the Javascript API calls?

There's currently no built-in functionality to log API calls.
You would have to manually trace this in the TWebGMaps source code.

However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this functionality in a future version.

Probably a new event like TWebGMaps.OnExecScript() and hooking into function TWebGMaps.ExecJScript(const Script: string):Boolean; would do it.
I look into it...
That was piece of cake, I just had to extend UWebGMaps.pas as proposed above.
Just let me know if you are interested in using the code for the next releases and I send you a patch file.

Thank you for notifying.
You can provide the code changes by email and we'll investigate if they can be implemented in a future version.