Get a vcalendar item by referer


Just a basic question. How can I get a vcalendar item by referer?

Thanks in advance!

I'm not sure in what context you mean "referer"?

Hi Bruno,

I mean the caldav item property referer, which if I understand it correctly is the unique id of the caldav item on the server.



you can download them but also, you must do authentication, so, you can use Download them using referrer by component it self as it passed authentication steps. 

Get command can be used for this matter, meanwhile , you have access to data itself by two ways.

one is SaveToStream of CalDav or CardDav itself to an stream or DataString property of each item, 

you can choose one of these three ways to access to raw data ....

about the relation between CalDav and CardDav UID and the name of file: 

each caldav or carddav file can or may contains one or more files, but by default there are following items :

1- in CalDav you can to have only similar vEvent OR vJournal , vTodo at once, this will define file type in some cases , for example you might have 1 2 or 10 vEvent in a file but you cannot have vJournal or vTOdo at the same time and also 1 2 or more vJournal but not other types.
vTimeZone is different, from this type of vComponent you can have on or more in the same time other three components exists, 
UID of vJournal or vEvent or vTodo can be the same as file name + the extension of file which is ICS .

so: one or many vTimeZone 

one or many but only one type of vComponents from : vEvent, vJournal , vTodo

in vContact also , you can have several vContact at once, 
in this case UID can be the same , 

some servers support one or many components at the same time., but default is only one , 

by default, by design we use first vComponent exluiding vTimeZone for it's UID , 

Hi Ryan,

Thank you very much for your extensive explantion. It was very helpfull it works now  :)

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