Geolocation question

Hi !

I was testing the Geolocation Locationlabel and i stumbled into a problem.

When i request the location by :


the GPS icon right top of the iPhone is working
only a fraction of a second, and then almost instantly
gives a result back, which in most cases is way off my
current location.

Then after clicking the Locationlabel, it shows that
location on the Google Maps. But the funny thing is,
i see the GPS icon right top of the screen then working
way longer then when i request the location thru
the RetrieveLocation Method. After that Google Maps shows
my real location (with the blue dot).

Is there a way to let the GPS device work a bit longer
with the RetrieveLocation method, to get a more acurate
result of the current location ?

I'm using XE, IW 11.0.42 with iPhone Controls
Thanks again !



I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Does the problem occur every time you use RetrieveLocation?

I'm assuming the server that should provide your location is returning incorrect data or an error.
Can you try to display the returned data first to see if there is something going wrong there?