GeoJSON Not work in IOS/Android

Hi guys , I try load your demo in Android/IOS but it not work , this work in andorid /IOS?

Hi, I try load the file atachment  in win 64 , but it not work , I got the information of coordinate of google earth


in this new test I see, that the same coordinate, in google earth and gmaps throw different results, please see image in the following url, File used


We are not aware of any issues with this demo.
Can you please make sure the GEO.JSON files are located in the correct folder before running the Demo?

Hi, I'm sure that the files are located in the folder right in windows 64, in IOS/Android not work with the files  ,

furthermore I do not think the files have anything to do with the different results with google earth, How I can set coordinates right?

is posible  that  LoadGeoJSONPolygon, works with a object of class TJSONObject?

I'm assuming the longitude and latitude values of the coordinates in the GEO.JSON file you provided are reversed. If you switch the longitude and latitude values the result in TMSFMXWebGMaps is correct.

The LoadGeoJSONPolygon method currently only works with JSON files.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this feature in a future version.

Thanks Bart for you  answer, I try one more time

Hi Bart , I switched posiiton latitude and longitude , I get the same result , The polygono isn't draw, can you try ?


I'm not sure how the geo.json files you provided are generated, but it seems the order of the longitude and latitude values in the coordinates are still wrong in this file.
If longitude and latitude values are switched the polygon should be displayed correctly.