Generators in FB

I know that I can write generators in DM, and I know that I am able to hand-code the appropriate reference into the attributes in the Delphi classes, but is there a way to get DM to put that attribute in place? Have I missed something in the GUI and in the manual? I really want to get to a place where DM is the only tool I use for managing the script and the classes, but right now, it looks as though I need to add the attributes for generators....

To clarify, I mean when I have DM build the classes for me....

Alternately, how can I code the generator connection to the table, so I can handle it outside of the unit generated by DataModeler? My ultimate goal here is to keep the code DataModeler generates unmodified.

You can't do that for now because Data Modeler can't automatically imply which is the correct sequence for the generator. We're working on that DM feature, we had more than one request for this.

We will add an option for you to manually select the generator for each class in DM user interface.

That's good news. I will watch for an update. ;)  Thanks!