Generate PDF file with page number/ Total page Count


I working on an Invoicing application.. As my invoiced contains many pages I need to include a page number containing / (ex: page 1/10).

As my application is VCL i'm looking at ADVPdfLib but dit not find any information about that. Also try to look at VCL.TMSFNDPDFLIB and Flex Cell PdfWriter without success.

I there a way with any of these library to get the Final Document total page count and report it on each page ?

Thanks four your answer


The TAdvPDFLib (or TTMSFNCPDFLib), is dynamically building up pages. It's currently not possible to know the amount of pages when writing content to pages, the content is written and then stored in binary format. So unfortunately, you will have to pre-determine the amount of pages before writing content to the PDF in your application.