Generate from script


I've downloaded the trial but can't see any way to generate either a single table or full database from a SQL script. Is this possible?

Thanks, Bob

If you mean executing the SQL statements directly into database, no, it's not possible. Data Modeler just generates the script itself, executing it to the database is up to you.

Sorry, I should have been clearer. I meant that, rather than type the field names into a new table definition, it would be nice to take a piece of SQL for creating a table and generate from that. I realise it would require running some SQL, but just a subset. It's not a show-stopper for me because I've got SQL Server Mgt Studio where I can run Create Table scripts, create a DB then import to the modeler. I'm actually looking to build a database that works on both SQL Server and Firebird so this approach is fine.

Would be a nice feature though.

Cheers, Bob

Hi Robert, sorry but I'm still a little bit confused. I believe you are talking about importing/reverse engineering a database from an SQL script instead of connecting directly to the database?

Currently such option is not available, you indeed need to connect to database and import model from there. 
Data Modeler also helps you in keeping two models for two different database servers, you can convert one model to another with one click, you have an option to use custom data type mapping to help you in that task.

Thanks Wagner - yes that's what I mean. Perhaps another tab in the table definition view with a query window - just as a quick way to generate a table def from an existing script. The ability to convert from one model to another looks very useful.

Cheers, Bob