I wanted to use temperature indication for hard drives and CPU on my dashboard application, but the component looks too outdated comparing to the rest of application. Are you not considering extreme make-over with GDI+?

It is under consideration. Now it is intentionally not used because it is often used for very low spec industrial PCs, machine control where graphics overhead must kept to absolute minimum for real-time updating.

We consider making an alternative that focuses more on the graphics side. What exact kind of meter control do you need? Note that there are GDI+ based meters in the TMS smooth controls:

I only need thermometer for the time being, but as you suggested, I can just use ordinary gauge.

I understand your point about performance, I was also shaking my head when we first got requirement for anti-aliased controls and transparency - I was working as HMI specialist (17 years) for oil&gas industry in Norway. We had to write controls using winapi and GDI+ from the scratch to meet requirements. But today computers are much faster and you would be surprised, they use HMI systems built on .NET :)

I agree it is much less relevant today, that's why it's on our list of new developments considered to create something that focuses on more impressive graphics.