Gallery Styles for TAdvStringGrid


I am running TMS Component Pack with TAdvStringGrid on Windows 8 Professional.
When I right click on the grid in design time and select Gallery, no styles are displayed in the list box
on the left.


Can you verify that there are in your documents folder *.GP files?

You can also download these gallery files here: 

Hi Bruno,

I forgot to mention that I am running on a virtual machine within VMWare Fusion 5 on a Mac. I copied the *.GP files to both Documents directory but the Gallery styles still does not appear for selection.

We try to find from code these gallery files from the default user's My Documents folder.

Do you put the files in this folder?
Perhaps something is setup incorrect in this machine wrt default "My Documents" folder.

I copied the files to the directory C:\Users\Jeff Chong\Documents but still no display.

Hi Bruno,

I found a copy of the files in Libraries/Documents. When I moved the files from this directory, TMS will recreate the files in this directory again after right-clicking on the grid and selecting Gallery. However, there is the styles list box is still empty.