Fullday item with web

I have a problem with planner and web core.
If i add an item with fullday when i try to clear the items i do have an error.
I have modified existing source to set one of the item as fullday in the initsample procedure and call initsample the error also happen ( TypeError: this.FItem.FCacheList is undefined )

Can you help ?

We haven't been able to reproduce this here


Please send us a sample that reproduces this.

I just set a button which calls planner.initsample , first time i call it everything is ok , second crash

This does the same


    it := Planner.AddOrUpdateItem( //
      EditDate.Date //
      , EditDate.Date+EncodeTime(23,0,0,0)
      , 'test' //
      , 'Description' //
    it.FullDay := True;

Here is a sample test
Test.zip (16.7 KB)

thanks for the sample, we have applied a fix, next version will address this.

Thanks , do you have a release schedule ?

We don't have a release schedule, but commonly release every 2-3 weeks

Actually the fix is very simple: in WEBLib.TMSFNCPlannerData.pas

Thank you very much it works