Full Screen behaviour

Hi !

I have made an App with the Full Screen option.
This works real nice, but once in a while when i start the icon
from my iPhone's Homescreen, weird things happen.
I.E. the items in the iPhoneSpinner, which in my case contain
numbers, suddenly become "hyperlinked" blue underlined and
when i press that, my iPhone wants to dial that number.
And my numbers in the Spinner are NOT phone numbers, just
12 random digits.
Same behaviour with the iPhoneList.
Is there a way to avoid this behaviour ?
I'm using XE with IntraWeb 11.0.42 with iPhone Control
Thanks in advance.


This is actually the iOS Safari browser that automatically makes a hyperlink when you have a string of numbers on your page that look like a telephone number. 

To disable this feature you can add the following line in your FormCreate procedure:

   ExtraHeader.Add('<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no" />');

We'll consider adding an option to automatically disable the "telephone links" in a future version of the TMS IW iPhone controls pack.

Hi Bart,

Thanks for the response !
I will try this today.

Hi Bart,

I've added the code, but i still get the behaviour when i do
the following :
- Click on a Localtionlabel
(Application goes away and location is shown in Google Maps)
- Now double press the iPhone's square
(It will now show running apps)
- Select the icon from the IW iPhone App
(App shows Splashscreen and displays again,
after that i have the same behaviour of the hyperlinks,
regardsless the ExtraHeader which i added.)
Is this a bug, caused by leaving the screen (by pressing
on the locationlabel), or is there another cause ?
Thanks !

Hi Paul,

I have not been able to reproduce this issue.

However it seems this is a bug in the iOS browser rather than the IWLocationLabel as the telephone number formatting is an iOS feature.
Have you tried to reproduce this issue without using the IWLocationLabel but a regular external link instead?