Fpc/Laz support


I'm getting more and more worried about the direction Embarcadero is heading with the Firemonkey fiasco (sorry if i'm stepping on some big toes) so i'm investigating a bit into the direction of fpc/laz witch would be a logical solution. Back in januari 2012 there was a discussion in the embarcadero forums abouit the possibility that Aurelius could support fpc/lazarus. The thead ended with the fact that fpc 2.7 (?) is not supporting the new rtti of delphi 2010 and higher and thus making it impossible to support fpc/laz.

I'm definitely no expert in the fpc/laz corner so i;m just gonna ask the silly question: Is above still the case? Has anuthing changed in that corner? Can we expect something in the future or not?


I also don't follow fpc community very closely to hear tendencies and plans here and there, but from what I read in official site and in some forums, it's far from being compatible. Looks like there is no extended RTTI, and even attributes are not supported the way Delphi does.