FormatValue1904 Error

 '[dcc32 Error] XLSXAdapter.pas(436): E2137 Method 'FormatValue1904' not found in base class' returned when using the the XLSX Adapter in Flexcel VCL 3.90 or later  with Flexcel Suite
Has anyone else experienced this? If so is there a fix?


There is probably an older FlexCel 3 installed somewhere, and Delphi is picking that.
Uninstall FlexCel 3, remove all related files and search the disk for UExcelAdapter (.pas/.dcu/.whatever) that could be remaining and remove them. 

Then install again, and it should work fine. FormatValue1904 was introduced recently in both the base class (in UExcelAdapter.pas) and in the derived XlsxAdapter and XlsAdapter. If it isn't finding FormatValue1904 in UExcelAdapter.pas, you either have an older UExcelAdapter.pas or UExcelAdapter.dcu somewhere in your hard drive.

If you open UExcelAdapter.pas, you should see this method:
    function FormatValue1904(const CellValue: Variant; const Format: UTF16String; var Color: Integer): UTF16String; virtual; abstract;