Formatting DATETIME field in AureliusDataset


I'd like to consult possible wrong datetime field formatting by using TAureliusDataset.

Concerned field is defined in following manners in Entities:

[Column('D_ZACATEK', [])]
FD_ZACATEK: Nullable;

and is exposed by XData server correctly (the pattern from JSON file), i.e. using four-digits year:

      "$id": 96,
      "ID": 184,
      "OSOBA": 30,
      "D_ZADANI": "2015-07-24",
      "D_ZACATEK": "2015-08-03",

The corresponding field in client's TAureliusDataset has the property DisplayFormat set to "".

Nevertheles, in my client app (mobile app for Android) is value of D_ZACATEK field displayed as a two-digits year, it means
03.08.15 instead of 03.08.2015 (wrong dislpay format is seen not only in lists but in datetimepickers as well).

What am I wrong in please (using Delphi 10.4 and the latest version of Aurelius and XData)?

Thank you for any advice and Merry Christmas to all!


Merry Christmas Karel!
I don't think it's related to XData or TAureliusDataset. There is something in your Android regional settings, or the way FMX is dealing with it.

Hi Wagner, thank you, you're right - I'm just investigating it because I found out that simple DateToStr(Date) returned 23.12.20.

However, I do not know whether is the matter of my Android smartphone and its regional settings (I did not find any related option) or Delphi IDE.

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