Form/Panel Scaling

Is there some way to scale a Form or Panel (or both, honestly) based on the screen size?  I have been looking through the manual, Google searching and everything else I can look for, and so far this has eluded me.  I'm using a pretty basic setup, WebForm with a TWebPanel on top of another TWebPanel and using math to keep the uppermost panel centered on the screen.  My current issue is trying to scale the form up/down based on the size of the screen that is currently displaying it.  I have tried using ScaleBy, but it returns that it is an invalid function on both the Form and the Panel.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

A ScaleBy() is at this moment not built-in at framework level.
Typical in web applications, such scaling is done by using Width & Height set with percentage instead of absolute values (i.e. see Control.HeightStyle = ssPercent / Control.WidthStyle = ssPercent)

Okay, I'll try it that way.  I suppose I am thinking of it more from a Delphi POV than from a web developer.  Thank you.