form click not fired on iPad

Delphi 10.3.3, Web Core

Create new project, then drop a simple TWebButton on the form, and add a single showmessage command in the click events of both the form and the button.

Now, when running on a desktop browser like Firefox or Chrome, both the form and the button click events are fired.
But when running on an iPad (Air 3 with latest iPadOS 14.4), only the button click event is fired, the form click event is ignored.

As far as I can remember, this once worked. But I don't know if it broke when switching from Web Core to or when updating the iPadOS.

Quick test with TMS Web Core showed no difference; the form click is not fired. So I think it broke with updating iPadOS.

In the Safari console of a connected Mac there is no error shown.

Will this be fixed in Web Core 1.7?