For THTMLHint component, line breaks now require <br> where #13 formerly worked.

I use the THTMLHint component to enable HTML tips in my forms. I've noticed that all my hint strings that were formerly broken into multiple lines with #13 are now all single-lined. To fix, I had to replace them all with '<br>'.

I see in your list of fixes for v12.0.1.0 a line item that says "Fixed : Issue with linebreaks in HTML hint text in THTMLHint".

I presume what I've observed is a consequence of the above mentioned fix? Uggh... this required a bit of work to get all my hints back to their original layout. If you don't mind my asking, why couldn't the code have still accepted the #13 as line breaks as well?

We had to make this fix to make the HTML render the same way as it is rendered in the other HTML-enabled controls and according to how it is handled standard in HTML itself, i.e. a linebreak is ignored and to force a linebreak, a
can be used.

Such things should really be marked with a "breaking change" note!
I yesterday had an issue, that somehow seems to be related to WebView and the WebView2-Loader and an update of the components verseion was the hotfix that helped.

Only now to wake up and get user feedback that the tooltips are broken :-( ...

Better yet: provide a property to turn on/off such behaviour and leave the default as the old behaviour was.
We users can't do updates of the components if we have to constantly fear components change behaviour in unexpected ways ... :frowning:

I realize this is not ideal but on the other side, keeping issues in the component is also not ideal.
If you need linebreaks in the HTML hint text, you can insert a <BR> tag

I understand, and I already fixed it that way.

Yet a warning in the release notes would be appropriate in such cases.

Do you intend to change the behaviour of the cell display of TAdvStringGrid, too? Because there we can also use MiniHtml, yet cr/lf seems to work as usual and doesn't require <br> ...

We checked TAdvStringGrid and have indeed seen this behavior also there.
We'll discuss internally what the best way is going forward with this.

We had also problem with this when after upgrade of TMS VCL UI Pack previously multiline hint is now single line. Unfortunately we cannot test every function of our software and it was our customer that reported this issue. It is not first time when update of TMS package created some new problems. Unfortunately it is not possible to install simultaneously different versions of TMS packages for different development environments. At least I don't know standard way how to do this. We have some branches that we try to change only minimally by fixing critical bugs. External components are outside of our control. I installed new version only to test new IDE C++ Builder 12. Unfortunately this influenced our stable versions.

We always try to be extremely careful for this and avoid at all costs breaking changes but at the same time, it is unavoidable that when bugs are encountered, we need to address these bugs, even when some users relied on a bug. Also in the future, we will keep making careful considerations between fixing a bug in a breaking way and "fixing" it conditionally with extra properties to control behavior for example.

I would also like to add my vote to the request for a prominent 'breaking change' marker in the release notes, when the change is unavoidable, as explained here. I always install VCL UI releases into a non-active folder, so that I can use Beyond Compare to view and check the source changes in the components I use. But I missed this one and will now go back and check all my HTML strings for possible #13, which I think I may have used in the past (but no user has reported this). The fact that a breaking change is minor, or easy to fix, is not an excuse for the lack of documentation that will break some current usages.

That is a good remark. We'll make this clearer in release notes.