Font style AdvTabSheet


Is it possible to set the Font.Style (Eg. Bold) on individual TabSheets of a AdvPageControl at run time?




Sorry, there is no such option currently in TAdvPageControl.

Hi Bruno.

I working on a solution where I utilize a page control with several tabsheets to split up a large amount of information. While selecting different items in a list, a visual control on the tabsheet is updated / populated with information. However some controls/tabsheets may not get any data/information. 

So, I would like to indicate for the user whether the different tabsheets contain data or not - IOW somehow visualize this by making the tabsheets that contain data/information stand out.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?


Hi Petter,

If I understand it right... Perhaps you should use some kind of graphic (or icon) on the tabsheet. Use an imagelist and whether there is data or not, change the imageindex of the tabsheet.