Font display issue in TAdvColumnGrid after upgrading from to


after upgrading the TMS-VCL-Components from to I get the following wrong font sizes in the first few cells of the first row of an TAdvColumnGrid: (all cells same font size): (first 5 cells have too big font size):

Delphi: 10.4 Update 2


I didn't change anything else besides the VCL-version. Unfortunately I don't have the versions in between available, so I can't bisect when the problem was introduced.

The issue doesn't appear in other grids (at least not the ones I checked so far).

Any ideas how to fix this?

Dirk Steinkamp

Looks like it might be related to this diff in Advcgrid.pas:

... which would mean I have not set column-header-fonts corretly -- right?!?
I'll check that out!

making sure all header-font-size-settings are uniform fixed the problem :-).

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