Folder drawing not visible anymore


It was working fine. But now on the TreeView component the drawing of a folder is not visible.

Therefore, files and folders have only visible the name. You cannot see that a name is the name of a folder, not a file.

I have un-installed and installed again with no success.

Any ideas?
To be more clear, I am adding now this picture:

The majority of the entries are folders.


I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Does the problem also occur in the CloudStorageDemo?

If the problem persists, please provide the following information so I can further investigate this.
- The version of Delphi you are using
- The name of the cloud storage service you are using.
- Does the issue occur with any cloud storage service or only with a single one?
I cannot run CloudStorageDemo. It is full of errors.

However, I modified that demo a couple of years ago and now if I compile it I can see the drawings. So it works fine there.

In my app, the problem happens for Windows, Android and iOS (not using Mac). It happens for DropBox, OneDrive and Gdrive. The three services I am using.

Delphi 10.3.2

where are these drawings located?

The images are located in the ImageList component that is placed on the form of the CloudStorageDemo.
The ImageList is assigned to the Images property of the TreeView control.

I see that ImageList1 in missing in my app. So I copy it from CloudStorage demo to my App.

However, it is not working well yet.

So I guess I have to link this ImageList1 to TMSFMXCloudTreeViewAdapter1. But I cannot see how.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Please note that the ImageList should be linked to the TreeView control via the Images property.


Thanks a lot