Folder access in Win 7 style

As far as I can see, the current Drive/Directory list components only allow selection of actual physical folders. However Vista and Win7 (in particular) almost force the user to access folders without regard to the physical layout of the disc. For example, my Documents 'library' in Win7 lists 4 areas on different discs as it's immediate children while the actual 'C:' is the child of the 4th item in the main list. 

To navigate to these areas using the traditional drive/directory components is complicated. For users used to the Win7 layout of their data it would be quite impossible to convert the 'path' they see in Win7 to a physical drive path.

Currently there is only one component in the TMS set that allows access to the high level Windows folder structure, the AdvExplorerTreeview. However this is still quite limited I feel as there is no obvious way to attach a file list to it and the even then the only options are pure 1 column lists, not the multiview grids favored by MS applications. The layout of the AdvExplorerTreeview also requires very wide forms which may not suit an application (though I realise this is a Windows failing, not TMS).

It seems to me that what is required is a DirectoryListBox replacement that has Favorites, Libraries, HomeGroup, Computer and Network as it's top level, just like the MS file explorer. A FileList/Grid that allows a similar view to that provided by MS File explorer's right pane would also be a great help.

Perhaps I am completely wrong about this and there is a perfect solution. If so, my apologies and please show me what the solution is!