Focused cell in a range

Hi Adrian

Is there anyway to set/get the focused cell of a multi-cell range that works when the range is defined by dragging the mouse upwards or to the left? The current implementation appears to assume the range is defined by dragging from the top left. It's not a big deal - really just for consistency with Excel.

Thanks, Bob

Indeed, when selecting a range of cells, we set the active cell to the top-left cell. In theory it could be any cell inside the range (it doesn't need to be the bottom right, but it does need to be inside the range).

The reason is just to keep the API a little simpler. There are already kind of "too many" options supported, like you could save many ranges, say select with ctrl the cell A1, B5 and E3. Or have different selections in different panes when you split the sheet. It all makes the API kind of complex, and I am not sure anybody is using that stuff anyway.

But we could add the option to have the active cell be inside the selection, not the top-left, if you think you can need it. What would be the use case for it?

Hi Adrian

It would really just be for consistency with Excel, so that when the user opens the file the selected range has the same orientation (in terms of starting cell) as when the file was closed. To be honest, thinking about it, it doesn't make any difference in my app, so it certainly wouldn't be high on my list. The ability to move a sheet on the other hand.... :slight_smile:

Cheers, Bob

But if you open a file saved in Excel with the selected cell at the bottom in FlexCel, modify it and save it back, the selected cell will still be at the bottom. Internally we fully support and preserve any active cell. What we don't have is an API to do it with code, but the selection should be preserved.

About moving sheets, sorry to not have good news... there is a lot on our plate right now, many new stuff in office 365, and I don't see moving sheets as getting enough priority soon.