FNCWebBrowser JS Bridge raises error on Windows

I am using the JS Bridge to send information from JavaScript to Delphi.
It works fine under iOS, but on Windows, I get a JS error.

In the IDE, the WebBrowser reports "Edge Chromium 102.0.1245.44". Loading and showing HTML, even complex stuff, works fine.

-> message comes in at my Delphi bridge object.

let obj = window.chrome.webview.hostObjects.sync.ModelBridge;

-> Uncaught Error: Element not found. (0x80070490)
at RemoteMessenger.postSyncRequestMessage (:1:15258)
at Function.getHostProperty (:1:31668)
at Function._getAmbiguous (:1:18992)
at Object.get (:1:21537)
at app.ExternalInterface.callBridge (Mouth.js:213:66)


Did you use the correct JavaScript? For Windows, the bridge object linking is done by calling a setter: SetObjectMessage