FNCTreeView and DevExpress VCL installed causes error on TMSWeb

When WebForm contains FncTreeView at runtime causes the following error:
"Uncaught InvalidStateError: Failed to execute "drawImage" on "CanvasRenderingContex2D": The HTMLImageElement provided is in the "broken" state. "

Tested with Devexpress VCL 22.1.5 and just installed layoutcontrol (Can not override, it installs it automatically) and no other components. Delphi 11 and latest tms components.

Devexpress registers image type as DxSmartImage, perhaps that is causing the problem. I have projects which uses Devexpress components, but I also would like to use tms fnctreeview in webcore.

Can you suggest a workaround ?


That could possibly be the issue, that the image format stored in the dfm file, is not compatible with TMS WEB Core. 2 solutions:

  1. Uninstall / Unregister DxSmartImage
  2. Programmatically load images, so no image data is stored in the dfm file.