FNCTableView moreoption too slow


I want to congratulation about the speed of new FNCTableView overall, however my users has thousands of items and are very slow to "delete" record with the moreOption feature you included.


Above is a real video using your controls, if I want to "DELETE" some item my end users complain about the too slow access to the moreOption button.

What's the solution then?


We'll investigate this here asap

Could you give us the settings / text for an item?

The slowness is related to the HTML, it re-renders the whole table-view and the animation is causing all items to be re-rendered. You can turn off animation with Interaction.AnimationFactor := 1 and see if that improves the performance. Higher AnimationFactor is slower animation (default is 2.5). We'll see if we can improve the overal performance in combination with HTML rendering.

This solve mi problem for now, I don't mark this thread as "solved" yet hoping that in future you can improve the overl performance in combination with HTML rendering.