There's no 'increment' property for this Spin Edit control.
The [+] and [-] buttons seem to only change it by +/- 1. If you want something that deals in milliseconds, then 10 or 100 is a reasonable increment value to use.

If you want to change the increment value in code, you need to trap the [+] and [-] button clicks, but there are no events for them.

Something seems to be missing here.

Also, I don't remember ever having a floating point value in a spinner. They've always been integers.


Have you tried the Interaction.Frequency property? Is this what you are looking for or how would an Increment property be different from that?

You can configure this via the EditFieldPrecision property. Set it to 0 to have no floating point values.

'Frequency' is not related to 'Increment value" in my mind. Frequency is for a recurring event; this is a value added when you click a button. The other spin edits in Delphi use the term 'Increment'.

The Value property is a Floating Point variable, perhaps Extended? That's what I was referring to. Maybe they could have made it a Complex Number, you know ... just to cover all possible needs. I guess someone might want to have a spinner that increments in the 0.000000001 position, but I've never needed anything with more resolution than what an Integer offers. Maybe someone could argue that two decimal places is handy if you want to use money, but I personally wouldn't be likely to use a spinner for that.