FNCSpinEdit & Virtual Keyboard


There is no KeybordType property with TMSFNCSpinEdit.
With Android, the regular Keyboard is displayed but only numbers can obviously be edited with a SpinEdit control.
it would better to be able selecting a most appropriate keyboard type.
In addition, when displayed horizontally, it would be nice to get the edit field in the middle vertically centered with the buttons.

Other issue:
When changing the value with the keyboard doesn't trigger onChange or OnValueChanged events after closing keyboard or using the Validate key


Which Delphi version are you using?
Delphi 10.3 Enterprise Version 26.0.36039.7899

Sorry 10.3.3

Nothing so far ??

There was insufficient time today to handle this. It is on our todolist.

Thank you Bruno

We have made improvements and corrected the issues. The next update will address this.

Great. Thank you

That means in the brand new release from yesterday ?

Yes, it's part of the new release from yesterday.