FNCRichEdit: AddBullet


I try to add a bullet in front of a text Using the following code:
TMSFNCRichEditor1.AddText(temp, TAlphaColorRec.Black, TAlphaColorRec.Lightgrey);

Unfortunately I do not get any bullet displayed. Am I doing something wrong here?

Kind regards

A bullet is internally more than just a bullet element, it is bullet series start marker & bullet series end marker.
To insert bullets for some specific part of the text, following code demonstrates how to do this:

  TMSFNCRicheditor1.AddText('Line 1');
  TMSFNCRicheditor1.AddText('Line 2');

This inserts bullets before the 2 selected lines (and internally adds the bullet series start & end marker too)

That still leaves me with the question how to set a bullet directly before adding the text. Would that always require a selection? That is not clear from the documentation.

One small addition: when using the FNCRichEdit together with TMSFNCRichEditorPDFIO the bullet getssaved to the PDF while it is not displayed

The selection facilitates inserting the proper bullet start marker & bullet end marker as well.

You could do this programmatically but is more complex, i.e. create a TBulletStart element and add it via:    TMSFNCRichEditor1.Context.Content.Add(), then insert the TBulletElement element, then the text and finally also close with a TBulletEnd element and add it the same way.

Wrt bullet export to PDF, I have retested this here, but could not see an issue: