FNCPlanner [FMX] Hint, Window not top of application and/or Windows

In some conditions the hint is behind another window in the application, it's parented to planners parent?
Need someway of getting it really top of windows.


Can you try by turning off alternative hints?

TMSFNCPlanner1.ItemsAppearance.AlternativeHints := False;

The AlternativeHints was added after the initial hint implementation. The initial hints were not real hint windows, by turning this property off, it will switch to the default Windows hint and should be shown on top.

Yes, great is ok now :slight_smile:
question, what would be the advantage to use Alt.Hint := True ?

The alternative hints are just panels that mimic a hint, hint support was added afterwards and the AlternativeHints property has been added to switch between the two. This was based on a request to allow customizing the look and feel of the hint, whereas with AlternativeHints := True, the look and feel does not follow the default hint. Besides that, there are no real differences.