FNCPlanner delete item via delete-button on item results in AV: Argument out of range

Im using the TTMSFNCPlanner on Delphi 10.4 for a VCL-application.
The planner is connected to a query via an adapter.
When I'm trying to delete an item via the delete button on an item I get an Access Violation on the line Items.Delete(Item.Index); in het HandleItemDelete procedure of the VCL.TMSFNCPlanner unit. The index of the Item appears to be -1. The Item is deleted in the planner and in the database.
Any idea how to fix this?


We are not able to reproduce this here. The demo we have tested is the one from the distribution (Planner Database Adapter and PDFLib) Can you reproduce it with this demo? Please note that we have a newer TTMSFNCPlanner version released: