FNCImage: Clear does not work


at runtime I try to clear the content of a FNCImage by using


Unfortuntely the image is still visible. Is this a bug?

Kind regards

I found the problem. I was assigning 

FNCImage1.Bitmap := MyBitmap;

in code. If I do this FNCImage1.Clear and FNCImage1.Bitmaps.Clear does not work.

Changing the code to 


resulted in a correctly working call to Clear


TMSFNCImage1.Bitmap is a way to retrieve the current displayed image regardless of the DPI / chosen resource name or assigned bitmap

Shouldn?t it be a read-only property in that case?

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

The Bitmap property can be used to assign a single bitmap. The Bitmaps property can be used to add multiple bitmaps depending on the DPI setting of your screen. Depending on the chosen property, you'll need to clear either the Bitmap or the Bitmaps property.