FNCGrid OnKeyDown not working?

In order to replace the decimal . on the numeric keyboard with a , I try to do this in the onkeydown event of the grid, but it looks like only the first keystroke is being catched.

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If you are using a default grid, the first key will be captured and then moved to editing mode, further key processing is done at editor level.

Oke, and how do I process the keys there? The editor type is etMoneyEdit

I am able to replace the . into a , but now loses the rest of the functionality (enter moving to the next column) how can I fix that?

You could inherit from TTMSFNCGrid, and override

procedure CellEditKeyDown(Sender: TObject; var Key: Word; {$IFDEF FMXLIB}var KeyChar: WideChar; {$ENDIF}Shift: TShiftState); virtual;

Where you process keys and then call inherited afterwards

Thank you very very much, this works perfect.

Best regards

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