FNCCombobox - ShowFocus doesn't exist

When I open a project that I last edited about 3-4 months ago, the following error message appears.


If I ignore the error, I can compile the project, but it crashes with a stack overflow and exits.

Is it possible that this change is not compatible with existing applications?

FNCComboBox ShowFocus - FNC / TMS FNC UI Pack - TMS Support Center (tmssoftware.com)


There was a breaking change where TTMSFNCComboBox.Appearance got renamed to TTMSFNCComboBox.ItemAppearance so there's an incompatibilty between the current and former Appearance properties.

Can you try to open the DFM/FMX/LFM of the affected form in a separate editor and rename Appearance to ItemAppearance before trying to open the project?

I have edited the affected files (FMX) with another editor and this seems to work so far - but somehow annoying when such cuts are made (there are still other projects waiting which I have to adapt).

The stack overflow does not seem to be caused by the FNCCombobox, but by the function TTMSFNCRichEditorBase.GetFocused.

If I try to change this as follows, it works:

function TTMSFNCRichEditorBase.GetFocused: boolean;
  Result := AlwaysFocus;  // Original:   Result := IsFocused or AlwaysFocus;
  Result := Focused or AlwaysFocus;

The stack overflow is fixed internally and the fix will be released this week in TMS FNC UI Pack.

After installing the latest release, I still get a lot of errors.
Everything that has to do with "Appearance" generates an error.

Hi Stefan

There was a name change:
-> .Appearance became .ItemAppearance

Unfortunately, there is nothing left but to edit the affected form files manually.