FNC Webbrowser PDF file opening

I am trying to load a PDF File in FNC Webbrowser on android.
The code i Use is :

I dont get an error but the file is not loaded. The same code is working oke in IOS.

Any idees what i am doing wrong ?

Android WebView does not support viewing PDF files unfortunately. It should open the file however, but it will be plain text. You can take a look at the TMS FNC WX Pack PDF Viewer component (TMS FNC WX Pack Delphi components: Barcode, QR code scanner and generator, PDF viewer, HTML memo, OCR, Docx export)


Thank you for your answer. Maybe as a suggestion can you pay attention to it in the manuals of the component.

When i drop TMS FNC WX Pack PDF component on a form Delphi 11.1 stops working.

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