FNC UI pack installation


I can't execute the FNC Core installer on Linux / Wine because the installer is complaining about an older existing FNC Core installation. I just would like to unpack the files to install the packages manually in Lazarus. Any workaround for that?

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You'll need to update both TMS FNC UI Pack and TMS FNC Core

I just need to unpack the FNC Core files for manually installation. How to update FNC Core when I can't unpack the files from the Installer.exe?

TMS FNC Core has a separate installer, please first install the core files via the separate TMS FNC Core installer ( and then afterwards install TMS FNC UI Pack ( on top, which should then detect the new core installed files. If you are manually installing you still need to unpack the files from both the TMS FNC Core and TMS FNC UI Pack installer.

I just wanted to inform you that finally I made it work. Don't know what exactly happened before. The installation with this version works for Lazarus (1.6.4 & trunk) on Linux (gtk2 & qt4) & Windows out of the box without patching anything. Good work!

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