FNC Style overwrites header text - demo runtime selector included

The minimal sample here has a runtime style selector, for any other users who might want to see a d demo.
StyleText.zip (8.4 KB)

Issue 1:
The style resource file includes some extra properties which should not be in a style:
ex: from a listbox header: "Text":"Item List"
Can these be removed from the next release, I know the manual fix.

Issue 2:
The second issue is with showlines= true from the treeview used by the listbox.
When you apply a theme, the lines become visible.
Can inheritance be blocked or redefined?

Thanks in advance
Neil Laskowski

After thinking / looking further on this, the question might be should the treeview style actually control the ShowLines property? The style should control the color and stroke, but not the visibility?


We'll investigate if we can optimize the styles to not include such information. You can always override this via the OnCanLoadProperty events.

Hello Pieter,
I appreciate the quick update. For now I will modify my local files and work with those resources.

Thank you
Neil Laskowski

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