FNC Maps MapStyleURL

Hi. I am using the FNC Maps component with MapBox custom styles, to load a customised mapbox map.

When i set the Options.Mapstyle to mbsCustom and the MapStyleURL to my custom map Style URL in design time, the custom MapBox style loads correctly and everything works as it should.

However, when I try to change the MapStyleURL to another Mapbox custom style map in runtime, the map style does not change (update) to the newly specified style. It simply remains on the map style specified in the design time settings.

My question is if it is possible to change the MapStyleURL option to another map style in runtime.

If so, could you provide an example of the correct way to implement this change of the MapStyleURL in runtime so that it updates the FNC Maps component to the new style when in runtime.


Managed to figure this one out myself.
I had to DeInitialize, then Initialize the map using the new MapStyleURL