FNC Grid full row select

Good morning to all,
in which is the correct way to "select" all the row ?
Similar to TMSAdvGrid.ActiveRowColor and TMSADVGrid.ActiveRowShow.
Excuse me but I'm lost in a tons of properties ......

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Either smSingleRow or smRowRange

Thank's Bruno ....

The font size displayed at Selected Row is smaller than the size specified in Appearance.SelectedLayout.Font.Size. I have set all font sizes in my program to 10 points. The FNCGrid always shows me a small font in the selected row. Why this is because I set the font size to 10 everywhere in the FNCGrid!

First thought it was because of my program. But now just create a VCL program only with the FNCGrid. A few cells filled with text and in the FNCGrid again the font to size 10. Same result. The font in the selected line or cell is smaller!

Please use the OnGetCellLayout to override the font - size for all fonts.

Thank you Pieter, I will try

Perfect! It work's.

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