FNC Grid full row select

Good morning to all,
in which is the correct way to "select" all the row ?
Similar to TMSAdvGrid.ActiveRowColor and TMSADVGrid.ActiveRowShow.
Excuse me but I'm lost in a tons of properties ......

Thank's for reply

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Either smSingleRow or smRowRange

Thank's Bruno ....

The font size displayed at Selected Row is smaller than the size specified in Appearance.SelectedLayout.Font.Size. I have set all font sizes in my program to 10 points. The FNCGrid always shows me a small font in the selected row. Why this is because I set the font size to 10 everywhere in the FNCGrid!

First thought it was because of my program. But now just create a VCL program only with the FNCGrid. A few cells filled with text and in the FNCGrid again the font to size 10. Same result. The font in the selected line or cell is smaller!

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Please use the OnGetCellLayout to override the font - size for all fonts.

Thank you Pieter, I will try

Perfect! It work's.

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