FNC Grid Auto Complete Items


I have a column in a grid that uses the same list of items for each row for selection, and I'd like to allow operators to type in part of the text and for autocomplete to be available.

Using a column set to etComboBox, I can display and select from a list but cannot see how to enable AutoCompletion.

I note that there is a property under Options.Editing called AutoCompleteItems which is a string list.  Is this suitable to use in the case and if so, how is it set up.  I tried setting the values at run time, when I know what is valid, but I don't see how to enable it for the column required, or when to change it if I wanted to enable autocomplete for more than one column.

If this is suitable, can you give some guidance please ?

FNC UI Pack 2.5.1



The AutoCompleteItems are used in combination with the normal edit or edit button inplace editor. You need to enable AutoComplete property under Options and then start typing in the edit

  TMSFNCGrid1.Options.Editing.AutoComplete := acLookupList;
  TMSFNCGrid1.Options.Editing.AutoCompleteItems.Add('Item 1');
  TMSFNCGrid1.Options.Editing.AutoCompleteItems.Add('Item 2');
  TMSFNCGrid1.Options.Editing.AutoCompleteItems.Add('Item 3');

I thought I had more or less done this.  Obviously less.  I will have another go tomorrow.

I haven't been able to get this working in FMX.

If I put together a small project showing what I have done and send it to support, would you have time to have a look at it and see what I am missing ?



Yes you can always send us a project that reproduces an issue.