FNC Dashboard w/WebCore


The FNC Dashboard components with WebCore is very cool but I'm looking for a way for customers to drag/drop the Dashboard in realtime and save the components in any format they would like. Basically let them design their own Dashboard. Currently with the FND Dashboard/WebCore demo, it's well placed Dashboard components at design time. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to achieve something like this? I could even live with a Windows program doing the "building" of the layout then pushing that out with a WebCore project.


Rhett Price

The techniques as demonstrated in the sample shown in the post https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/blog.asp?post=493

could be applied to create a runtime configurable dashboard.
This shows how adding controls & position controls is possible at runtime. This is in this demo done at application level though. We have not encapsulated this into a component.

I had forgotten about this! Yes, this looks perfect. In the comments section I realize there wasn't a demo of source code at the time - has this changed since October? Just looking for something to get me pointed in the right direction.



We've not yet included this sample in the demos of the distribution. No decision on this has been made yet.Basically, this is an TTMSFNCCustomControl where mouse & keyboard event handlers manipulate child controls and add the move/size handler elements to the control. The grid is custom painted on the canvas for this TTMSFNCCustomControl .