FNC Dashboard Components

Has anyone been able to import FNC Dashboard into Scripter? I'm trying to get a TTMSFNCWidgetGage regsistered as a component but get quite a few errors when creating the ap_*.pas files.

Rhett Price

Are you using Delphi 2010 or up? I'd suggest using DefineClassByRTTI instead of using the import tool.

Forgot to check the newsgroup on this. Hmm.. So using the "RTTI" checkbox when creating the ap_* files is different from using DefineClassbyRTTI? Do you have an example of doing this rather than using the Import Utility?



Well, the final result is not different, but the process. When you do manually you have fine control over it. Using the import tool would require parsing the full unit, sometimes it might fail, sometimes it might import things you don't need, etc.. It's just that using DefineClassByRTTI is so easy that sometimes it's easier to do it manually.

What are you exact issues?