FNC Control inside a bootstrap grid

I'm using bootstrap to layout controls and using the elementId binding to link my TMSWeb controls to the HTML layout. I don't see any such property for FNC components. Can you not do this?


You can try adding a TWebHTMLDiv component to your form (which has an ElementID property) and then add your FNC component to that. Kind of a kludge but not sure there's a better way?

FNC controls cannot be linked to HTML elements. Indeed, insert these into a TWebHTMLDiv or TWebHTMLSpan as Andrew suggests.

That's the way to do it. It would be a nice feature though.

Hi bruno,
I realize you cant bind FNC controls to their HTML counterparts. I just want to host an FNC List box in a bootstrap grid.
I tried embedding an FNC Listbox in both an FNC div and FNC span but it didn't work.

Please disregard. I did get it to work. This library is fantastic!

One last question. How do i get the FNC list box to resize itself to fit in the grid row/col (cyan bg)

Some things to check for this are that the TTMSFNCListBox align property is set to Client as well as the surrounding TWebHTMLDiv if you've used that. The TWebHTMLDiv also has other alignment properties that can be set. For example, setting WidthStyle and HeightStyle to Percent and WidthPercent and HeightPercent to 100.