FMXLiveGrid Row Select

Having an issue trying to determine the selected rows of an FMX  LiveGrid when using SelectionMode : smRowRange.

Evaluating Grid.RowSelect will always result in a false.
The documentation uses smDisjunctRow in the example but I can't use that as I lose the mouse/touch drag selection of rows. RowSelect works fine when I use DisjunctRow.

I am guessing RowSelect is only used for Disjunct selections, but I can't find what to use for plain old Row Range selects. Am sure it is something simple I am overlooking though!


You can use TMSFMXGrid1.Selected which returns the selected row.

Hi Pieter,

Thanks for quick reply.

The TMSFMXGrid1.Selected will only show me the one grid row that has the cursor on correct? I need to evaluate which grid rows have been selected in a range. Typically the range will have multiple rows.

The Selected will return the focused row inside a multi selection range.

To get the full selection you can use TMSFMXGrid1.Selection which returns a selection range