Flickr Photo SetMeta and non-english characters

I've found that TFlickrPhoto.SetMeta won't take the title or description with the text being in Russian, and I'm guessing all "posts" are going to have this problem as well.

The HttpsPost call in TAdvCustomFlickr.PerformPostURL returns and invalid signature error.

Here's some sample text I'm trying to put in the description:

Ну, первая часть команды это мы.

I don't know Russian myself, just had a tester report this. If it makes
any difference, this is being performed on english win7/8, Delphi XE5.

If the text is entered on the Flickr Website, the component seems to read it just fine.


This issue has been fixed.
The update will be available with the next release of the TMS Cloud Pack.

A. Do you know the timeframe on that release?
B. I have some other fixes I've implemented, do you want me to send those to you and if so, in what manner?

We'll schedule an update next week. If you have other improvement suggestions, you can always contact us by direct email for this.