FlexCel Studio for .NET 7.21 released

We are pleased to announce the release of FlexCel Studio for .NET 7.21.

To be notified of new releases open Topics tagged flexcel-net-release and watch the tag.

New in v 7.21 - February 2024

  • Support for exporting Persian to PDF. FlexCel supported arabic but not persian when exporting to PDF. Now both are supported.

  • Bug Fix. Reviewed bidi algorithm because some arabic numbers could be written in the wrong order when exporting to PDF

  • Bug Fix. Data labels in scatter chart were incorrect when the axis was reversed.

  • Bug Fix. When rendering charts that had labels linked to "Value from Cells" FlexCel could fail to render the labels if they weren't manually specified.

  • Bug Fix. There was an error when rendering PDF Khmer text in some corner cases.

  • Bug Fix. Header images wouldn't be copied when calling the InsertAndCopySheets overload that takes an array of integers for the sheets to copy.

  • Bug Fix. SetCellFromHtml could raise an exception with some surrogated unicode characters.

  • Bug Fix. Charts with hidden series could raise an exception when drawing trendlines.